Monday, June 22, 2009

Syllabus Summer 2009

Math 15: Math for Liberal Arts Summer 2009 – Laney College

Instructor: Matthew Hubbard
Text: none
Office hours:
T-Th 9:25 to 9:55 am in G-201 (math lab)
M-W 3:15-3:45 pm in G-201 (math lab)
Wednesday 6-8 (math lab)
Scientific calculator required (TI-30X IIs or TI-83 recommended)

Important academic schedule dates
Last date to add, if class is not full: Sat., June 27
Last date to drop class without a “W”: Thurs., July 2
Last date to drop class with a “W”: Wed., July 15

Holidays and professional development days that effect the Summer schedule:

Midterm and Finals schedule:
Thurs., July 2 Half Midterm (1 hour)
Thursday, July 9 Full Midterm (all class)
Thurs., July 23 Half Midterm (1 hour)
Thurs., July 30 (all class - comprehensive)

Grading Policy
Homework to be turned in: Assigned every Tuesday and Thursday, due the next class period
(late homework accepted AT THE BEGINNING of class period after next, 2 points off)
Quizzes: Tuesdays and Thursdays weeks without midterms – no make-up quizzes
If arranged beforehand, make-up midterms can be given, but must be taken before the next class meeting.
The two lowest scores from homework and the lowest score from quizzes will be removed from consideration before grading.

Grading system
Quizzes * 25%
Full Midterm * 25%
Two half Midterms together * 25%
Homework 20%
Final 30%

The lowest grade from Quizzes and the two Midterms will be dropped from the total.
Anyone getting a higher percentage score on the final than the weighted average of all grades combined will get the final percentage instead on the final grade, provided that student has not missed more than two homework assignments.

Academic honesty
Your homework, exams and quizzes must be your own work. Anyone caught cheating on these assignments will be punished, where the punishment can be as severe as failing the class or being put on college wide academic probation.

Class rules
Cell phones and beepers turned off, no headphones or text messaging during class
No food or drink in class, except for sealable bottles. All empty bottles should be put in the recycling bins after class is over.
You will need your own calculator and handout sheets for tests and quizzes. Do not expect to be able to borrow these from someone else.

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