Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Topic list for comprehensive final on 7/23

You get two 8.5" x 11" pages of notes, front and back, which means four pages total.

These are the possible topics for the 100 point test.
Binary, decimal hexadecimal
Logical operators, and ^, or v, not ~
Decimals and percents, changing fractions into repeating decimals and vice versa.
Scales other than percents
Scientific notation and rounding to significant digits.
Roman numerals
Fractions in lowest terms
Prime factorizations and all factors
Time: adding subtracting, converting
100 coin problems
simultaneous equations
bels/decibels and Richter scale
Classifications of triangles given angles
Classifications of triangles given sides
Heron’s formula
Area of a triangle with points (0, 0), (a, b) and (c, d)
Distance between points
Pythagorean Theorem
Sets, Venn diagrams, contingency tables and probabilities
Slope of a line and lines with undefined slope
Point-slope form, slope-intercept form
Sum and product problems
Stats: mean, median, mode, five number summary, IQR, outliers
standard deviation, z-scores, z-scores to proportions less than a z-score, reverse lookup table, proportions between two z-scores for a normally distributed set

If something says "formula" or "form", You can expect that formula to be on the test. For things that take methods, like changing from Richter to amount of energy or looking up z-scores, those will not be explained, so they should be in your notes.

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